VisionCom, Inc. - Volume 2 November 2000
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April 13, 2024
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Volume 2 November 2000
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Agent News
Fall Issue-2000

Congratulations to our agent, Beth McCoy, for winning a bonus of $25.00! A message was placed on the message board portion of our website indicating that whoever responded to the message would win a monetary bonus with their November commissions. Beth McCoy of Minnesota was the only agent to date to peruse the website and win! For those of you who would like the opportunity to put a little something extra in your wallet, take a moment to visit our website, as we will be leaving more winning messages in the future! Please stay pays to play!


You should now be able to access your current commissions online. Simply go to and click on the Agent section of the website. You will then be prompted to enter your personal agent ID and password which has been assigned to you (please contact me if you have misplaced yours). You will then be able to obtain information on your current commissions, as well as your client information and special promotions. Commissions will be posted on the web during the last week of the month. Please do not look for them any sooner. Remember, paper commissions will no longer be sent out to you. If you do not have access to the internet and therefore cannot obtain commissions on the web, please contact me at 218.353.7333 . Thanks for your cooperation!

Heather Sullivan

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