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May 19, 2024
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  Two telecom industry professionals, Thomas M. Sullivan and Jay Lewis - in addition to several other shareholders - formed Visioncom, Inc. in 1995. The company's mission was to develop and operate a network of interactive public fax kiosks, as well as continuing their ongoing effort to market other telecom - related products and services. The direction of the company has since changed and is now actively engaged in the sales and marketing of telecommunications equipment and services, holding several key contracts with major local and long distance carriers nationwide.

Visioncom's commitment to its customers is to align them with the best service provider who will bring them what they need to stay ahead of the competition, while delivering it at a competitive price.

Visioncom, Inc. has a history of success at hundreds of companies. Our team is dedicated to having an up-to-date knowledge of service company practices, billing procedures, new and improved technologies and legislation. We know about our clients' options in the proceeding so they won't have to.   [Back To Top]

Every company is different. Therefore, Visioncom's work is tailored to the needs of our individual client. Visioncom often acts as an outsourced telecommunications department, assisting those clients who do not have a telecommunications department or the knowledge needed to keep them current with changes in the industry. We conduct in-depth interviews to determine what steps are necessary to keep our client competitive in the market place, whether it's cost savings or improved technologies. After gaining agreement from the client, we act as their agent- doing all of the legwork and presenting a report of our findings.   [Back To Top]

Many larger companies utilize Visioncom, Inc as their cost-containment consulting firm. We are committed to providing, information and expertise concerning the reduction of your companies fixed business expenses. Visioncom also provides recommendations for improved voice and data systems, which allow the client to keep up with the changes in the telecommunications industry. We consider ourselves a support arm of our client's operations management team.

We offer a variety of payment options, flexible to our clients preferences and needs. Often times we wont secure a payment from a client until they receive their refund from the carrier.   [Back To Top]

Our clients have learned that a review of their telephone systems and billings easily translates into thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars directly to the bottom line. Inaccuracies are discovered including billing errors and imprecise usage rates, which often result in substantial refunds from the telephone carriers. As such, the comprehensive analysis and potential for refunds makes using Visioncom, Inc. a no risk opportunity.   [Back To Top]

Service-provider tariffs and new products are complex and dynamic. Rather than devote full-time personnel to monitor telephone systems and billings, hundreds of companies have tapped into Visioncom as their expert service-provider resource. Visioncom is comprised of a consortium of specialists, each with an in-depth knowledge of a specific area of the telecom industry. Their reviews are comprehensive, insightful and typically yield significant results.

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