VisionCom, Inc. - Volume 1 October 2000
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February 29, 2024
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Volume 1 October 2000
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Agent News
Fall Issue-2000

Starting in October 2000, Visioncom, Inc. will leap into technology with its new website–! Our website has been created with both the general public and our agents in mind. On the general public side, people can obtain information on our company, products and providers. They will be able to contact us for specific information on products they need and obtain updates on new services via our automatic e-mail system.

Among other things, the website provides our agents with quick access for their client listings, commission reports, new products/services and carrier applications. With a validated password, our agents will be able to get everything they need right on line!


Starting in November, you will now be able to access your current commissions online. Simply go to and click on the Agent section of the website. You will then be prompted to enter your personal agent ID and password which has been assigned to you. You will then be able to obtain information on your current commissions, as well as your client information and special promotions. As of November, paper commissions will no longer be sent out to the agents. Please contact Heather Sullivan at 218.353.7333 if you do not have access to the internet and therefore cannot obtain commissions on the web.


DA for Less

Are you looking for something new to sell to your clients? Visioncom, Inc. and InTeleServ, Inc. have teamed up to provide directory assistance for less (DA for Less). Tap into your hotel clients, hospital clients and other clients who could readily utilize this service. For more information on pricing, commission rates and availability, please contact us at 218.353.7333

Web-Based Customer Services

Although many people surf the web, less than 2% of the people will actually make a purchase due to lack of information or assistance. TeleNet Services of America, Inc. has come up with a solution which will help increase internet sales while increasing your commission check. They have a web-based customer service that can provide e-commerce websites with the ability to have a live operator on standby to answer questions any customer may have regarding that company’s products and services. Please contact us for more details and information regarding this new service.

Web Conferencing

LINK Conference Service and WorldCom are now offering their own version of web conferencing as a new service to their customers. This new product enables people to attend conferences on the road or at home via the internet. Presentations and data can be accessed on the web while a meeting is conducted over the phone. This opportunity will be of great significance as more and more employees conduct their business away from the office. Please contact us for more details regarding either LINK or WorldCom’s web conferencing service.

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