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July 22, 2024
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Visioncom, Inc. is a recognized leader in telecommunications review, with a depth of knowledge gained through years of experience. Visioncom's scrutiny of telephone systems and usage yields a comprehensive analysis that invariably discovers opportunities for savings and improved technologies.

With the deregulation of the telephone industry, telecommunications expenses have never been more difficult to monitor. Visioncom analyzes your telecommunications records to determine if a refund is due to your company or to see if it is possible to redefine your present rate structure to lower costs. Visioncom's computer analysis compares your costs to the tariff/price guidelines allowed by the Public Service Commission. We then determine the feasibility of negotiating refunds and reductions based on that examination. The resultant analysis exposes our client to the alternatives available and can support a re-negotiation process with each service-provider. Our review of telecommunications includes local calls, long distance calls, cellular communications, international calls, data and facsimile transmissions, calling cards, operator services, voice mail and maintenance repair contracts.

Visioncom, Inc. is also privy to new technologies and services that may increase efficiencies for our client, enabling them to be more competitive in the future marketplace. Improved data systems, and increased bandwidths are some examples of how our clients can stay ahead of their competition.

  • NO Risk
  • Full-service telephone billing and systems review
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and expert consultants to assist in latest technological improvements
  • Flexible payment models
  • Potential for carrier refunds
  • Increased levels of service
  • Bundled service offerings
  • Dramatic reductions in monthly service provider billing
  • Individually customized programs
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